Awaken a sense of adventure with Captain, a handsome and spicy blend inspired by heritage men’s cologne. Creamy sandalwood, earthy patchouli, and herbaceous lavender join forces to create a modern update on a vintage classic. A hint of fresh bay rum leaf ignites the spirit of discovery within your mind. 

At 5 times the concentration of our Interior Aromatic, this Aromatic Concentrate is ideal for travel, with a focused mist that can be sprayed onto delicate garments, scarves and textiles. Or, use to refresh intimate spaces like your bedroom , car or office. Take Captain with you when you’re on the road to detoxify your space and unfetter your mind. Spritz 5-10 times into your oil diffuser and let Captain fill your space with scent. 

This bottle contains crystals charged under the full moon with energetic intentions.

Shake well before use. Captain is made in California with distilled water and pure essential oils from around the world. 3oz glass bottle now shipping with Rose Quartz tumbled crystals.

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